Hi, I'm Collin.

JAM Arcade or JAMCade for short is a passion project. Although conceptually, the idea existed for a while especially as the Jamstack became more nascent, hence the name; it took me much longer to bring this to life.

The first game developed for JAM Arcade is word search. I have fond memories of spending more time than I would like to admit on word search books growing up. I am fairly certain I still have a few of these word search booklets lying around as well. Like many ideas that make their rounds in your head, one day I asked myself if I could make a word search game that could programmatically generate boards. The idea stuck with me, but it wasn't until several months later when I worked out a feasible algorithm to generate these efficiently. That algorithm is due for a writeup soon. In any case, it is a bit cliche to say, but the journey to get here has been a long one in the making.

Up next is Mastermind.

Here's to more in the future! If you've played a game or two, I'd love to hear from you!